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Here’s Why Food Industry Rules The Flexible Packaging Market

According to a report by Fortune Business Insights, the global food packaging industry is growing at an impeccable rate. Even though COVID-19 has disrupted most businesses, the eCommerce industry and food packaging industry has been largely benefitted. But what are the probable reasons for this? Here’s our compilation of why the food industry is ruling the flexible packaging market.

Reasons Why Food Industry Prefers Flexible Packaging

1.  More demand for ready-to-eat foods

  • The demand for ready-to-eat food is at every time high. With us working round the clock, and the gen-z looking for everything handy, ready-to-eat foods are the best solution. This ready-to-eat food packaging works best in the eCommerce segment. Not only that with the increasing online grocery needs, but it is also the best fit available.


2. Convenience

  • When purchasing a food product, people also tend to check how convenient it is to transport and store it. The flexible food packaging solutions offer extended shelf life as compared to rigid packaging. Some of them also come with a zipper or in a reusable format, which makes them even more favourite of people. As these packaging solutions are convenient and handy, people tend to purchase them more.


3. Environment friendliness

  • We all know how flexible packaging and sustainability go hand-in-hand. As these food packaging solutions are flexible packaging solutions, they require less water and energy resources for manufacturing. As they are environment-friendly, people have started using flexible packaging over rigid packaging.


4. Better shelf-life

  • Resistant to heat, and moisture, spill-proof, and excellent barrier properties are a must in any food packaging solution. A flexible packaging solution caters to all of this adding to the extended shelf life as compared to rigid packaging. The excellent barrier properties also keep the harmful toxins and UV rays away and provide a protective shield to the inner food product.


5. Mass appeal

  • Gone are the days, when people used to add just a logo on their packaging. In today’s time, it has to be a perfect balance of everything. Attractive shape, colours, design, brand identity and food safety. The food packaging solutions come in a variety of shapes and sizes and provide an ample amount of branding opportunities. Hence they highly appeal to the youth crowd and have large-scale purchases.


6. Fast-paced lifestyle

  • Today we need everything at our fingertips. We are so much involved in our mobile phones that we need everything with a single tap. That’s when ready-to-eat food packaging comes into the picture. These packaging solutions are perfect for our fast-paced modern-day lifestyle. The reason being they are handy, convenient, trendy and protect our food.


7. Safety and Sterility

  • Post pandemic people prefer food products that are devoid of human contact and ensure maximum safety and sterility. They also prefer getting them at their doorstep so they don’t need to unnecessarily stop out. This is the reason that people are preferring flexible packaging that they receive at their doorstep through an eCommerce site. Well, that answers the question of why the food packaging industry and the eCommerce industry are ruling the market post-pandemic.

Food Packaging Solutions at Kamakshi Flexiprints

Kamakshi has been the industry leader by catering to almost all sorts of packaging solutions for their client’s needs. We’re essentially focused on developing innovative, sustainable & cost-efficient flexible packaging solutions. Here are a few of the flexible packaging solutions that are perfect for the food industry.

  • Our Pouches that we manufacture of high-performance laminates and materials including PET, Foil,  OPA, PE, OPP, CPP, and EVOH are the right fit for food packaging.
  • Our Gusset bags offer an additional capacity and are widely used in other markets such as pet food, powdered goods, teas, and other speciality food products.
  • The 3 side seal bags serve a great purpose in different segments such as snacks, confectionery, pharmaceuticals & other markets.
  • Our Spouted Pouch Packaging can take your Liquid-based product to the next level of packaging standard. The consumers absolutely enjoy the ease of use, flexibility, and appearance of Spout Pouches.
  • Retort pouches that we manufacture of layered polyester, aluminium foil, and polypropylene are the right fit for microwave meals, curries, gravies, sweet corn, and ready-to-eat meals.


At Kamakshi Flexiprints we have always believed in quality supremacy. We make sure to manufacture products that are superior in quality with the help of ultra-modern machinery. Based on your requirements, we offer a wide assortment of technological variety in our products. You can get in touch with us for your flexible packaging requirements.